logy Protection and Animal Husbandry R

and economic▓ development in regions inhabited by ethnic groups. 銆€銆€Wen Yongli, vice director of the management co▓mmittee of the R&D base, said upon completion, the bas▓e will cover an area of 2600 mu (173 ha) and has five ind▓ustrial parks, including a technology park for highland anim▓al husbandry, research and development park for grass resources, pro

tection and utilization park for unique biotic resources. 銆€銆€The building of such a base wi▓ll help transform the traditional anim

al husbandry business on highland into a modern one, said Deng Z

henyan, head of Hongyuan County. Meanwhile, it can provide a platform for local farmers and herders to get rich and enjoy a better li▓fe, he added. The Nati

&D Base" lies in Hon

onal Zoological Museum, the largest in China, will for

  • gyuan County,▓ Ngawa
  • Tibetan and Qiang Auto
  • nomous Prefect
  • ure in n▓orthwest
  • ern Sichuan
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